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I saw your "Holiday Feeling " show at the Ames Theatre. I have seen you four times and it each year seems better and better . I look forward to seeing other shows that you are doing. Can you order CD's on line?
Hi Coleen, My family and I loved the album, “A Family Christmas”-Reed was little and sings a solo-We only have the cassette- is it possible to get a CD?
Saw your show last night at Moraine Valley college...So much fun!!! Would love to know if you are coming back to the Chicago area Again!! Thanks for a great evening!!!!
Hey Colleen! John and I are coming to your New Year's matinee this year. I used to come with my Mom, but, we lost her 2 years ago. She used to just love seeing and hearing you. We are anxious to come. Oh, and John will be directing ONCE UPON A MATTRESS at the Phipps. Greetings to Sophie and Reed.
I just heard Reed on American Idol. He sure got both yours and Steve's talent. I vow to vote for him WHEN he makes the live shows. And to think...I was almost his nanny!
Your son Reed was outstanding during his American Idol audition. He's a chip off the old block!!!
My mom and I saw your Christmas show at the River Falls High School last night. It was totally AMAZING and by FAR the best Christmas concert I have ever seen! Your harmonies are beautiful and I loved your gowns. Could have something to do with the fact that I am a 70's girl born into the wrong decade...love the 40'5 and 50's. Every one of you is a top notch performer in your own right. I think the St. Croix Valley is so blessed to have such treasures right here! I went to your Girl Singer's show and the CD has been one of my favorites ever since. (I helped build my garage while singing along!) I am excited to see what the years will bring from you and your very talented family. (I would love it if you adopt me!!) Thanks again...
Susie and I loved your show the past Saturday at Hudson. You just make me smile thinking about your humor. We will see you soon! Cheri Johnson
Looks like you are getting a break no place to see you until May 7th at Vino?
Hi Colleen, Not sure if you remember me, but we kneweach other many years ago from atlantic City and the Tropicana Lounge. I thought of you yesterday and had to try to find you. I see your kids are all grown now. Erik is 27 now. Rick died 13 years ago and we've been on our own ever since. If this e-mail reaches you, I would love to hear from you and hear how you are doing now. You can reach me either by e-mail or by phone at 440-953-3847. A friend from your past... Birgid
Saw you last night at the Mansion in Indianapolis. The program was out of this world
Hi, Really enjoyed the Burnsville show today. I liked the night club setting.
Loved your Christmas show at Festival Theater in St Croix Falls, WI Thanks for rescheduling so we could see you.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Girl Singers in Appleton, Minnesota last night. I talked about it to all my friends. Great entertainment.
You and Steve use to do fiddler on the roof top, and you with your graet voice and the robot, i was about 12 then, and never left me im 42 now. Thank you so much for giving me a memory to last a life time. You will always have a spot in my heart and my greatest memorys !!!
I dont know if you remember me but I was about 12 when you did shows in Illinios with Steve,
I was a Ellsworth High classmate of Patsy's '77 and my son is one of Shoeless Revolution's biggest fans. Last night at Summerfest they figured out the connection. Tonight I played Spencer my old Colleen Raye / Steve Grimm album! It's great to see you're still performing.
Just caught the show at the Paramount in St. Cloud. Excellent. Great singing and humor..
Hi Colleen, I got a mailer from the Phipps Center about your musical tribute to Patsy Cline show. I would definitely be there if I was in the area! Really enjoyed your last show. It was great to see you again. Hopefully, see you at the class reunion! SSthere if I was in the area!
Have attended your shows since Manginis on the East Side of St. Paul. Your family is very talented.
you visited LaJunta, Colorado last week and I was simply baffeld by you and your family...what a talented group
We sure enjoyed the Girl Singers performance in Burlington, CO. What a treat to get to hang out with you all beforehand! Youhave a lovely group and an AWESOME show!! Thank you for giving us the honor of opening for you. It's an experience we will never forget! ~Blessings, Ashley
Saw your show at Portage, Indiana this past Thursday, What a Show!! We really enjoyed all the talent and the
I finally heard you sing (on a CD) and you do have a lovely voice, as Larry always said. Probably the only true thing he ever daid to me. I loved your choice of songs on I WISH YOU LOVE. Good luck to you.
Loved your show in Antigo. The close harmony on the Patti Page #s was fantaastic. Where did you get the black dress Colleen?
I went with my family to your show last night in Hibbing and were completely blown away.. Your family is so tallented! You must be so proud!! Hope to see your show again sometime!!!
it was great talking to you yesterday, keep in touch
This is Danny the middle of the infamous Grand Hotel Bannas. Hope I get to see you sing again sometime. I just loved you and Steve.
What a wonderful Christmas concert in Aberdeen, SD. My husband, Dwain, was the man from the audience for the son Santa Baby.
Hi! We are coming to see you and your family on 12/6! We'll be in the front row. We can't wait!!!
Hi Colleen, I remember you and Steve performing here in Battle Creek (Kelloggs), Michigan at the House of Ing (burned down about 6 years ago) I really loved your shows, a lot of talent. The last time I watched your show was at the Stouffer Hotel here in BC. Ever think of comming back to BC. Sorry to here of Steves passing he was a lot of fun. I still have the vynal albums of the "Steve Grimm and Colleen Raye Show." Thanks & Best Wishes Jim Mead
Attended you concer in Huron SD last week. Just my style of music. I thorouhly enjoyed it
Hey You!!!!!!!!!! We haven't yakked in a while. I love your site -- nice work!!
Hi Colleen, Mom & Dad went to your show on Sunday at Grandpa's Garage in Cannon Falls, they had a great time! It really lifted my Mother's spirit!! Our whole family plans to come on Dec. 13. See you then.
Colleen, I am listening to you right now on some very old cassette tapes made in the 1970's by one Terry Stuart, trumpet player with The Steve Grimm Show. I was the last love of his life. We lost him in March '08. I'm very glad to hear that you are still performing. All the best to you, Judy Berns
Colleen I'm from your Hershey Fan club. Glad to see you and the kids are still performing. We miss you here.
I just love to hear your songs of Patsy Cline..you and she are tremendous songstresses..I am surely coming to hear you at Tainter. Cordially, Patty & Chuck
We enjoyed your show last night at Baldwin WI, we are big Patsy fams. We have also enjoyed you at the Westwind. Have to tell you, Patsy did not leave from Clear Lake, that was Buddy Holly, she flew from Nashville to Kansas City to do a benefit. You had the story confused on Sat night.
Have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Reed perform in Three Beers Til Dubuque. Have heard he is no longer with that group. Can you please tell me where we can see him perform. He is a great talent. Thank you
HI Colleen - Nice Website, Congrats to you! If I read your schedule right, it looks like your "Girls" concert will be at the Sheldon in Dec. Plan on taking Mom to the concert, sho will love it. How's the "steady?" Good job girlfriend!! Take care and stay busy. Raynee
While traveling down Route 161 in Columbus Ohio today for some reason I thought of "The Steve Grimm and Colleen Raye" show. Wow...I even surprised myself to be able to recall your whole name. My mom and dad who have both passed away tried never to miss one of your shows when you were In Columbus...I guess back then we might have been considered "groupies". This was probable early 70's...even before Tre was born. What wonderful memories flood back. I'm so glad to see you are still singing...my parents would be thrilled also. Any plans for visit? Do you have CDs available for sale?
Hi Colleen, Hadn't checked your site for a while...as always, it brings back fond memories of those evenings, many years ago, in Lansing, MI, when Gary and I were introduced to you and Steve. I love keeping up with you and the "kids," via your web sites. Also enjoy your annual letter and photo. I always say, "one of these days...." And, it will happen...one of these days. Read in a prior post, "Glad you found a nice guy." Now, that is good news; hope all is going smoothly with you and the "guy." God Bless you and the family.
Hi Colleen, My wife Claire and I saw you and Steve Grimm perform years and years ago in Wisconsin. You autographed the Cassette - Put a Little Love in Your Heart for us. In any case, I was just cleaning out our old cassettes and ran across yours. It is still great to listen to. Your voice is superb and I am glad you are still singing and making people happy. Your genuine warmth made an impact on us those many years ago and I hope you are content and doing well today. Larry Latman Homewood, Illinois
Hi Colleeen! :) This is "Little Missy" (from Aberdeen)! I really enjoyed meeting you and singing with you (of course)! I took your adivce and looked into a really nice portaable sound system. I feel very inspired to sing and have even wrote a little song! (coffee house pratter...):) Please email me pictures from our gig and more advice! I'm wondering about rights to songs for a CD and how much that costs and how to go about asking for them, etc. How is your B.F.??? Jennifer Rott :)
Hi Colleen, We are the nuts, from Lansing, that went to see you at Jamies Jungle, the show for the zoo, Bay City, Stevensville, WI( I think) We felt bad when we heard you ywo had split. I remember your show with the kids, it was so cute.